In Latvia, special training and examination of drivers’ vehicles, as well as issuance of certificates for vehicles has been organized since 1996.

"Road Traffic Safety Directorate" provides both certification of drivers and certification of vehicles.

To increase the level of safety in road carriage and dangerous goods carriage companies of Latvia, as well as other European Union countries, a specially trained safety adviser has been appointed since 2002. The training of safety advisers in all European Union countries takes place according to a common program. An examination of safety advisers is taking place under the leadership of the Ministry of Transport. Safety advisor certification is provided by:

In the field of road transport: “Road Transport Administration of Latvia”, 30 Valņu Street, Riga

In the field of railway transport: State Railway Technical Inspectorate, 2 Riepnieku Street , Riga

The full text of the ADR in English is available.

The translation into Latvian of the ADR 2021 is available at the Road Transport Administration, 30 Vaļņu Street , Room 320. Contact information: Client hall administrator, phone: +371 67280485;

The full text of the RID in English is available on the website of OTIF. The translation into Latvian is available on the website of the State Railway Technical Inspectorate. Contact information: tel.+371 29531190.