On November 13, 2014, the European Commission approved the Operational Program “Growth and Jobs” of the European Union funds for the programming period 2014-2020, within the framework of which funding of 4.4 billion EUR is available to Latvia. Funding of 1.319 billion EUR or 29.9% of the available European Union support is available for the specific objectives under supervision of the Ministry of Transport.

There are 14 specific objectives (SO) and measures under supervision of the Ministry of Transport for the programming period 2014-2020.

Areas of support:

  • Availability of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) (development of broadband infrastructure in rural areas), the 2nd priority axis of the Operational Program “Growth and Jobs”. The ERDF co-financing 43.9 million euro;
  • Promotion of low carbon emissions in transport (electric charging network for vehicles; tram infrastructure in Riga, Liepaja and Daugavpils; passenger buses in other development centres of national importance), the 4th priority axis of the Operational Program; the ERDF co-financing
    7 million euro; the CF co-financing 108.5 million euro;

Sustainable transport system (TEN-T infrastructure of main roads, ports, railways (including electrification), Riga International Airport, Riga and development centres of national importance, regional roads), the 6th priority axis of the Operational Program; the CF co-financing
924.2 million euro; the ERDF co-financing 235.4 million euro.

Specific objective / measure title

EU fund financing, EUR

2.1.1. to improve the availability of electronic communications infrastructure in rural areas (more)

43 974 115

4.4.1. to develop charging infrastructure of electric vehicles in Latvia (more)

7 092 599

4.5.1. to develop environmentally friendly public transport infrastructure

108 516 768 to develop environmentally friendly public transport infrastructure (trams) (more)

96 000 000 to develop environmentally friendly public transport infrastructure (buses) (more)

12 516 768

6.1.1. to increase the safety level of large ports and improve transport network mobility (more)

89 312 625

6.1.2. to promote safety and observation of environmental requirements at the Riga International Airport (more)

11 484 765

6.1.3. to provide the necessary infrastructure for Riga main overpasses and eliminate the fragmentary nature of the main streets

82 202 804 Development of integrated transport system of Riga city (more)

75 109 464 Construction of a multimodal transport hub in the vicinity of Tornakalns (more)

7 093 340

6.1.4. linking infrastructure of major cities with the TEN-T network

68 916 932 Integration of Riga port and Riga city into the TEN-T network (more)

24 000 000 Integration of national development centres into the TEN-T network (more)

44 916 932

6.1.5. reconstruction of pavement of the state main roads, increasing the bearing capacity (more)

218 449 803

6.2.1. to provide a competitive and environmentally-friendly TEN-T rail network, promoting its safety, quality and capacity

453 927 366 electrification of the Latvian railway network (more)

346 639 348 modernization and construction of railway infrastructure (more)

107 288 018

6.3.1. to increase regional mobility by improving the quality of state regional roads (more)

235 477 563


1 319 355 340