Attachés ensure interests of the Ministry of Transport and its subordinate institutions in which the Ministry is a state capital shareholder at the embassies of the Republic of Latvia in the accredited countries.

Bilateral interests of the Latvian transport and communications sector are represented in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the People's Republic of China.

Kazakhstan, as well as the rest of Central Asian countries, is located at a major geopolitical crossroads with dynamic economic development potential. 88% of land freight on the China - Europe / Europe - China route is transported through Kazakhstan.

In addition, Kazakhstan is rich with raw material resources, which are actively exported. Business contacts and tourism are also being developed in the region. Consequently, it is important for the Latvian transport sector to be constantly informed and to regularly update cooperation offers in the fields of transit, railways, and road and aviation.

Rapid development in interaction with different European governance models and changing rules of the game require a permanent presence provided by Attaché.

China is the world’s second-largest economy with the most advanced transportation system in the world. China is leading the world in terms of transport quality and efficiency, technological innovation, smart and sustainable transport ecosystem developments that are being increasingly internationalised and connected to the rest of the world. Today China is Latvia’s largest two-way trading partner in goods and services in Asia.

New and alternative trade, freight and passenger flow patterns are emerging and developing across the Eurasian continent. It is an opportunity for Latvian to develop and offer integrated multimodal transport services and solutions via Latvia, to promote Eurasian connectivity developments and to attract investments.

The Counsellor’s office of the Ministry of Transport at the Embassy of Latvia in Beijing is primarily responsible to maintain and develop bilateral relations in transportation and logistics by representing, promoting and developing cooperation in aviation, railways, ports, post and communications with the national, provincial and local government, institutions and organisations, state-owned and private enterprises of the People’s Republic of China, as well as to represent the transport and logistics sector of Latvia in the multilateral cooperation projects and initiatives.

Helmuts Kols
Counsellor of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Latvia
Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in the People’s Republic of China
Tel.: (010) 8532 3009
Fax: (010) 8532 1925