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Kazahstānas vēstnieks Timurs Primbetovs un Satiksmes ministrijas valsts sekretāres vietnieks Uldis Reimanis

Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world - this country is an important section of the Central Asian transport corridor and is a strategically important partner of Latvia's transport industry in the Central Asian region. The volume of freight transportation between the two countries in 2022 has increased almost 4 times compared to 2021. However, Russia's war in Ukraine significantly affects the transport flow of Latvia and Kazakhstan – number of international restrictions are currently imposed on Russia, and it is very important for Latvia that cooperation partners comply with these sanctions. Therefore, it is particularly important for Latvia to discuss transport cooperation also from the security aspect, ensuring that new transport routes are not used for the transportation of sanctioned goods.

These issues are being actively discussed in several formats this week. Yesterday, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Transport, head of the Latvia-Kazakhstan Transport Working Group Uldis Reimanis met with the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Latvia Mr. Timur Primbetov. During the conversation, both sides expressed their interest in working on the creation of new transport connections, strictly complying with the safety requirements for sanctioned loads. When asked about Kazakhstan's position on the sanctions imposed by Russia, the ambassador answered that the Kazakhstan’s position on this matter is clear – Kazakhstan’s government has confirmed that they will take all necessary actions to ensure that the so that the international sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation are not violated. Kazakhstan considers it important to avoid secondary sanctions due to any violations, as they would have negative consequences for its economy.

Today, discussions on bilateral cooperation continue in Liepāja city which hosts a delegation of the Kazakh logistics company KAZLOGISTIS together with representatives of the US International Development Agency USAID. In order to discuss the prospects for the development of new Eurasian transport routes, in search of alternative corridors, as well as the issue of even stricter cargo inspection between Central Asia and Europe, today the Kazakh delegation is meeting with the representatives of the Association of Latvian Stevedoring Companies, Liepāja and Venstpils Ports and Road Carriers Association "Latvijas auto". Expressing support for the cooperation between the countries, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Latvia T. Primbetovs and the Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Transport U. Reimanis are also attending this meeting. Tomorrow, the Kazakh delegation will go to Riga, where these issues will be discussed with Riga Freeport, VAS "Latvijas Dzelzceļš" and the Confederation of Latvian Employers.


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