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The information technology company “ZZ Dats” was recognized as the winner of the open competition for the establishment of a system for the management and monitoring of unmanned aircraft or drones. With the signing of the contract between the State Agency “Civil Aviation Agency” (CAA) and “ZZ Dats” the establishment of a single IT system is also underway.

The unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) or drone management and surveillance system is being introduced with a view to improving air traffic safety, including the reduction of unauthorized drone flights in the vicinity of airfields, which often lead to disruption of commercial and general aviation aircraft flights, and to increasing the number of agreed flights. This is to be achieved by providing drone users with information on the limitations. The Drone Surveillance Management System will be based on data processing on UAV operations.

Nearly 80% of Latvian drones in the CAA survey confirmed the need for a modern and convenient single information platform. Therefore, in addition to the establishment of the system, the availability of CAA services to customers will also be modernised, ensuring that services are provided, received and information is handled in the e-environment: registration, remote pilot testing, etc., which will generally improve and accelerate the availability of public services and exchange of information.

With the introduction of UAV system and the purchase of UAV detection facilities, it is planned to strengthen the capacity of the national authorities in the organisation of local operational support in the field of aviation for unauthorised UAV flights in the vicinity of airports. The monitoring system for the management of UAV or drones is scheduled to be established by the end of 2023.

The establishment of the UAV surveillance management system in Latvia is carried out by the CAA within the framework of the project “Implementation of the unmanned aircraft management and monitoring system” co-financed by the EU Cohesion Fund, with a view to promoting environmental and safety measures at Riga and Liepaja airports and improving security in the airspace of the Republic of Latvia. Total eligible project costs amount to EUR 1 764 705.88, Cohesion Fund financing – EUR 1 500 000.

Iveta Kancēna

State Agency “Civil Aviation Agency” (CAA)

Project manager

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