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October 2023 marks the 28th anniversary of the Latvian airline airBaltic, therefore the company highlights that the best gift for celebrations and throughout life is the invaluable opportunity of being and flying together.

Martin Gauss, CEO and President of airBaltic: “We have been in the skies for an impressive 28 years. airBaltic has reached so many milestones over this time, and during the anniversary month, we are even heading towards the 2 500-employee mark for the company. I am proud of our airline and the dedicated entire team that takes care of all aspects of our business.”

"Also, we cannot imagine airBaltic without our passengers—both the loyal frequent flyers and those who are just about to experience their first flight. Thank you for your trust, and we look forward to see you aboard airBaltic soon!” Gauss added.

Currently, airBaltic employs over 2 400 professionals, which represent 30 nationalities. The average age of people working at the company is 35 years, but the average seniority level reaches 6 years. Until now, 7 employees have been working in the airline since its establishment in 1995 – for 28 years. The proportion of gender equality is 46% women and 54% men.

The most represented professions and areas of activity of currently working professionals are cabin crew (>740), aircraft technical maintenance personnel (>450), pilots (~400), flight assurance and operations specialists (>300), commercial personnel (>240) and IT, human resources, finance and other office personnel (~200).

airBaltic was established in the early autumn of 1995 with the signing of a joint venture between the Latvian state and Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). On October 1, airBaltic operated its first commercial flight, from Riga to Stockholm, with the Saab SF340 aircraft. Throughout October 1995, airBaltic carried 4 400 passengers on 209 flights. During these 28 years, airBaltic has carried a total of over 55 million passengers on over 880 thousand flights.

airBaltic operates more than 100 routes from Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius and Tampere, offering connections to a wide range of destinations in the airline's route network in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Caucasus region. A complete schedule of airBaltic flights and tickets are available on the company's homepage at

airBaltic in brief:

airBaltic (Air Baltic Corporation AS) is a joint stock company that was established in 1995. Its primary shareholder is the Latvian state, which holds 97.97% of the stock, while the rest of the shareholders hold 2.03%. airBaltic offers connections to more than 70 destinations in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Caucasus region. Over the last 27 years airBaltic has developed as a strong and internationally respected airline, which employs more than 2 400 employees. The airBaltic fleet consists of 44 Airbus A220-300 aircraft, making it one of the youngest fleets in Europe. The airline has received several international awards for excellence, innovative services and significant achievements. Skytrax has awarded airBaltic two years in a row as the best airline in its region. Additionally, in 2022, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) awarded airBaltic the Diversity and Inclusion Team Award. In 2023 the airline received the APEX Passenger Choice Award of Best Cabin Service in Europe.

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