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About department

Mr. Andris Maldups is the director of Transit Policy Department.
Phone +371 67028013
E-mail: andris.maldups[at]

Functions and tasks of the department

The main function of the department is to coordinate and promote development of transit and logistics in Latvia, including implementation of transport information system and coordination of ministry’s international activities.


Main tasks of the department:

- To ensure inclusion of transit development issues in the state programs and to participate in their implementation;

- To analyze national and international legal acts in transit sector as well as to develop proposals for amending the existing national and international legal acts in the transit sector;

- To develop legislation documents related to transit, as well as to assess and prepare opinion on legislation developed by other state institutions;

- To assess and prepare an opinion on the usefulness of joining international conventions in transit sector as well as to prepare national positions and instructions for defending state transit development interests within international transit organizations;

- To prepare and coordinate bilateral intergovernmental and interdepartmental memorandums in cooperation with the Legal department;

- To analyze the transit policy in neighboring countries and its impact on the competitiveness of Latvian transit;

- To develop projections for development of transit conveyances in Latvia and neighboring countries;

- To coordinate and promote development of transport cooperation as well as combined, multimodal and intermodal cargo transportation;

- To organize events and activities in cooperation with Ministry’s subordinate institutions, companies in which the Ministry is the state shareholder and other transport and communication companies, as well as the Ministry of Foreign affairs, Ministry of Economics and Latvian Investment and Development Agency in order to promote international cooperation in transit, logistics, transport and communication fields, as well as to promote the Latvian transit and logistics sectors at international level;

- To cooperate with the Communication Division in preparation of informative materials for mass media on department activities and issues;

- To maintain contacts and cooperate with transit states and local authorities, public and professional organizations (gathering transporters, freight agents, customs warehouse holders etc.) and to ensure their participation in regular advisory structures responsible for transit policy implementation;

- To provide information for interested state, municipal and public organizations on national and EU transit policy legislation and legislation projects (economic and legal aspects);

- To survey and analyze the existing transport information system and its development;

- To coordinate the development of state transport information systems;

- To develop legislation on transport information systems as well as to ensure and coordinate its implementation;

- To cooperate with foreign partners in the field of transport information systems and electronic data exchange, as well as implementation of joint projects;

- To promote implementation of electronic data and document exchange in the Latvian transport systems;

- To prepare suggestions and opinion on realization of experimental transport information system pilot projects;

- To maintain contacts and cooperate with state and municipal institutions as well as public and professional organizations and associations related to transport information systems;

- To analyze national and international legislation and legal documents and its projects on transport information system development;

- To manage, develop and coordinate the International freight logistics and port information system (SKLOIS) project, thus analyzing its problems and challenges, developing necessary amendments and performing the SKLOIS manager functions;

- To ensure compliance of national transit, logistics and transport information system legislation with the EU and other international legal acts;

- To define national foreign policy interests in transport and communication sectors on the basis of analysis and assessment of Latvian international economic cooperation possibilities;

- To plan and coordinate the international activities of the ministry’s board members;

- To ensure Latvian representation in international transport and communication forums, conferences, meetings and other events (International Transport Forum, the annual meeting of the Baltic and Northern countries transport ministers, the annual meeting of the transport ministers of Baltic countries etc.);

- To ensure representation and to defend Latvian transport and communication interests at Intergovernmental commissions;

- To ensure cooperation with the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China through coordination of specialized transport attaches and their activities, thus making contacts with partners in the given countries, ensuring information exchange and supporting ministry’s activities, visits and other events;

- To participate within the competence of the Department in development, coordination and implementation of legislation regarding visas, diplomatic and service passports and diplomatic duty issues;

- To prepare speeches, conversation themes, Latvian national positions and background information for ministry’s board members and high-level representatives from other state institutions on international cooperation in transit, logistics, transport and communication sectors;

- To prepare official responses to information requests from governmental institutions on Latvian bilateral economic relations with foreign countries in the transport and communication sectors;

- To consult ministry’s departments and subordinate institutions on issues related to international economic cooperation in transport and communication sectors;

- To prepare within the competence of the department the Latvian national position projects for EU Ministerial Council meetings, instructions for EU Council/Commission Working groups and Permanent Representatives Committee (COREPER) as well as to evaluate the EU Court judgments and their compliance with the Latvian national legislation;

- To participate in events and activities organized by the EU institutions and other international organizations, and to evaluate and develop respective documents on transit and port issues;

- To cooperate with non-governmental organizations and companies;

- Other duties within the competence of the department and in compliance with the national and international legislation.

Information updated July 27, 2017

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