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Strategy of the Ministry of Transport
Transport sector includes railways, road traffic, maritime and aviation, as well as, passenger carriage and transit branches. Road transport and traffic safety are under responsibility of the road traffic branch. The branch of communications includes electronic communications and the post.

Ministry of Transport is a leading institution of state administration of transport and communication branches which elaborates legal acts and policy planning documents regulating the branch. It provides the implementation of the transport policy.


  • To elaborate and implement the state policy of Latvia in the fields of transport and communications:
  • To maintain and develop an effective, safe, competetive, environment friendly and flexible transport system which offers vast opportunities to the users of this system.
  • To create a liberalised and harmonious legal and economic environment of the communication sector in accordance with the demands of the EU providing effective and rational utilization of natural resources, promoting competitiveness and attracting investments

The main tasks of the Ministry

  • To elaborate state policy in transport and communications sectors (documents of policy planning) and coordinate its implementation,
  • To provide the attraction of financial resources to implement the state policy in transport and communication sectors,
  • To participate in elaboration of EU legal acts, identifying and defending Latvian interests,
  • To elaborate legal acts regulating the transport un communication sectors and within the competence of the Ministry to provide their implementation and control

Fields of Activities

  • Qualitative, transport infrastructure integrated in common Eurasian transport system, enterpreneurial environment and safe traffic
1.1. Road traffic
1.2. Railways
1.3. Maritime Affairs
1.4. Aviation
  • Qualitative, accessible to everyone public transport services
  • Harmonized and stable legal environment of communication sector accessible to everyone and qualitative electronic communication and postal services
  • Accessible, competitive transit services with increased added value

Requisites of the Ministry of Transport

VAT reg. Nr. LV90000088687
Address: Gogoļa street 3, Rīga, LV-1743
Valsts kase RNC, account LV04TREL2170010030100
Latvias Banka, account 000361101
Bank code LACBLV2X

Reception-room of the State Secretary +371 67028201

Unit of communication: +371 67028274

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